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How to Customize MARC Framework in Koha Software| Download Customize Bibliographic Framework

Download Customized Bibliographic Framework Before we start cataloging in Koha Software, we need a customized MARC bibliographic framework. Bibliographic Framework is a templates for creating new bibliographic records in Koha Software. Koha comes with some predefined frameworks and librarians can create their own frameworks for content specific to their libraries. Predefined frameworks has lots of fields and all these fields are not used by libraries. […]


Koha OPAC Customization | How to Change OPAC Header in Koha 20.05

Koha OPAC Customization is very simple process in latest version of Koha. Koha OPAC has many sections i.e. Header, Left Navigation(Upper & Bottom), Main User Block, Right Navigation and Footer. We can easily customize these sections using HTML & CSS.(see below image) The above sections can be customized using Koha Administration->Global System Preferences->OPAC Preferences and Koha News Modules. Change Banner of Koha OPAC Header: 1. […]


DSpace Customization

DSpace Customization : Change header image in Dspace JSPUI InterfacePrepare a header image and place in Dspace foldere.g. cp header.png /opt/tomcat/webapps/jspui/image Hide Dspace brand headingOpen header-default.jsp file using Terminal. Apply following commands, sudo sugedit /opt/tomcat/webapps/jspui/layout/header-default.jsp Find following lines Replace the red marked code with Save and close the file. Total Views: 882


Display Book Cover Images in Koha OPAC | Enable Book Cover Images in Koha OPAC

Enabling Amazon Indian Book Cover Images in Koha Koha can display book cover images in search results by fetching the images from Amazon, if you enable the OPACAmazonCoverImages preference in Koha. Furthermore, clicking on the image sends the user to the Amazon site for find more details about the book like author name and ISBN and so on. Follow the below steps to Display Book […]