How to Customize MARC Framework in Koha Software| Download Customize Bibliographic Framework

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Before we start cataloging in Koha Software, we need a customized MARC bibliographic framework. Bibliographic Framework is a templates for creating new bibliographic records in Koha Software. Koha comes with some predefined frameworks and librarians can create their own frameworks for content specific to their libraries. Predefined frameworks has lots of fields and all these fields are not used by libraries. So we can create customized frameworks with required fields only. In this Koha Cataloging Tutorial we will create a customized framework for cataloging of library books.

First of all login to Koha Staff Client and go to More > Administration > Catalog > MARC bibliographic frameworks

Customize MARC Bibliographic Framework

Note: – Do not delete or edit the Default framework. Always create a new template based on the Default framework or edit other frameworks.

Next we will a create new bibliographic framework for Textbooks.

Click on ‘New framework’ button.


Enter the ‘BK’ as Framework code and ‘Textbooks’ as Description in above fields.

Click on ‘Submit’ button.

Now download the Customized Framework file from the below link and a ‘export_BK.csv’ file will be downloaded to local directory.

Download Customized Bibliographic Framework

Next, Import this ‘export_BK.csv’  to newly created Textbooks framework. Click Actions then ‘Import’ to the right of the new framework. You will be prompted to find a file on your computer to import into the framework. Select the downloaded file from the directory and click on Import button.

Click ‘OK’ when you will be prompted for the confirmation.


Once your import is complete you will be brought to the framework edit tool where you can make any changes you need to the framework you imported.

Now go to Cataloging and Select Textbooks Framework, you will notice that only required field are showing for cataloging.

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