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Install Koha on Windows (Complete Installation Guide):

You can Install Koha on Windows Operating System by using below steps. You can also watch above video for complete installation process and demonstration.

  1. Download "" from above 'Download Koha for Windows' link.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip folder into a drive (e.g.  D:\usr).
  3. Go to usr folder and run "StartMysqlServer.bat" as administrator.
  4. Now Run "StartServer.bat" as administrator. A black window will open and minimize this window. (Don't close it.).
  5. Next, Run "ZebraServer.bat". It will also run in  a black window and minimize this window also.
  6. Now go to browser and type http://localhost:8080/ in URL. A Login Screen will open. Enter Username (admin), Password (admin) and Login. Koha Dashboard will be in front of you.
  7. For Koha Web OPAC, Go to browser and type http://localhost:80 in URL.
  8. That's it!!! Congratulations.
Install Koha on Windows
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