Koha OPAC Customization | How to Change OPAC Header in Koha 20.05

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Koha OPAC Customization is very simple process in latest version of Koha.

Koha OPAC has many sections i.e. Header, Left Navigation(Upper & Bottom), Main User Block, Right Navigation and Footer. We can easily customize these sections using HTML & CSS.(see below image)

opac sections The above sections can be customized using Koha Administration->Global System Preferences->OPAC Preferences and Koha News Modules.

Change Banner of Koha OPAC Header:

1. First of all, we will add Banner Image in Header Section.

2. Create a Banner Image header.jpg and copy this image into /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs folder of Koha Server.

3. Now go to Tools->News in Koha Staff and Click on New Entry.

4. Enter values as showing in below image.

OPAC Header

5. Click on Source Code Icon, paste below code into box, Save it and then click on submit button. (header.jpg is banner image).

<img src="/opac-tmpl/bootstrap/images/header.jpg" width="100%" height="100%"> 

6. Now your OPAC Header will be showing like this.

Koha OPAC Customization



Change Footer of Koha OPAC:

1. Go to Koha Administration->Global System Preferences->OPAC Preferences->opaccredits.

2. Add below code into opaccredits section and click on Save all OPAC preferences Button. (Change text as per your requirements)

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