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How to Install Koha on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS | Install Koha on Ubuntu (with easy steps)

You can easily install Koha on Ubuntu Operating system using below process. In this process we will install latest stable version of Koha on Ubuntu. Open Terminal in your Ubuntu machine for Koha Installation. Update Ubuntu OS using below commands: sudo su apt-get update apt-get upgrade Install Leafpad Text Editor apt-get install leafpad Add Koha Community Repository & Trusted Repository Key sudo echo deb http://debian.koha-community.org/koha […]


Koha Reports – SQL Reports for Koha 20.05, 20.11 & 21.05

Koha Reports: You can easily add customized SQL reports in Koha Report Module. Accession Register – Sorted by Barcode SELECT CONCAT(”,biblio.biblionumber,”) AS biblionumbers, items.barcode, items.itemcallnumber, biblioitems.isbn, biblio.author, biblio.title, biblioitems.pages, biblioitems.publishercode, biblioitems.place, biblio.copyrightdate,items.price FROM items LEFT JOIN biblioitems ON (items.biblioitemnumber=biblioitems.biblioitemnumber) LEFT JOIN biblio ON (biblioitems.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber) ORDER BY LPAD (items.barcode,40,’ ‘) ASC Detailed Accession Register SELECT oo.dateaccessioned AS ‘Date’, oo.barcode AS ‘Acc. No./Barcode’, ooo.title AS ‘Title’, ooo.author […]